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There is a DOCUMENT area of each product on our website page, you can find  and download it.
Please refer to the following instructions to check devices installed on your computer.
1. Click the "START" button, and then click "Computer".
2. Please click "System properties" located on the upper side.
3. Click "Device Manager" located on the left side
4. Expand all the items on the interface of "Device Manager" and you can know what devices are installed on your computer.
Press “Enter” after the tablet PC boots that is between the times you turn on the tablet PC and before the Windows interface appears.
Shut down your tablet PC completely (power off), and restart it and then press the Delete key to enter the setup utility.
NOTE: You have to connect your tablet PC with an external keyboard first before starting the BIOS Setup Utility.
DURABOOK uses Bluetooth 4.0 Class 1 module, up to 100 meter transmission in best practice.
However, wireless speed and performance depends on number of users, physical conditions, and other electronic devices in the area.
In general, our products always support Windows, but we can do Linux for you, as your require.
Each product has different method, you can e-mail us for your require.
Please refer the "Repair Center",
You can login or apply your account and apply RMA Request, also track it.
All DURABOOK products come with Standard Warranty of three year starting from the date of purchase.
You can get more information on "Warranty" page,
And check your product by "Repair Center>Warranty Expiration Date inquiry".

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